excel ?

So I have a sheet where I log stuff and have created various interdependent drop down lists. ie if I pick x from drop down list 1, drop down list 2 automatically populates with choices a,b,c,d and if I pick y it gives me e,f,g,h. These ore on a separate sheet and created using the define name method and choices cover the entire column. Now I’d like to add some additional choices to the lists so I just added z to the column that defines list one but its not coming up in the drop down list. Does anyone know how to “refresh” the list so that my new choices are added?? I don’t want to have to go through and recreate everything and assumed that by selecting the whole column and not just my original choices would allow me to edit and add. hmmm?

I would also think that selecting entire column would allow you to add more choices and they would automatically be incorporated into the drop down list. Can you upload the file somewhere so some of us can take a look at it.

can’t do that fancy stuff @ work- behind a firewall- no access to g-docs or the such. I thought the same but it doesn’t show up.

what you can do is use a dynamic offset match that depends on dropdown 1 ( ddn1 ) to supply the data for dropdown 2. So what you can do is 1. For defining the range for drop down 2. dropdown2range = offset(someanchor,celllinkfromdropdown1,coloffset,length,width) Of course, u cud use the cell link in the coloffset too…either ways depending on the structure of your data if you can describe the problem, I could give you a clearer answer

It should automatically show up in the drop down list. Try pressing Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F9 and see if that forces the change.

Maybe if you got KarenC to ask the question for you you would get more responses.

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Try wedging (technical term) the new item you’re adding in between items that are already in the list instead of adding it at the end of the list. That should make it show up and you can resort if you want to get the list in a certain order.