excel ?

Anyone have a simple explanation of how I can do a multiple regression analysis in excel? I have all of my data in columns w/ 25 rows (periods). The columns are dependent= EQ (measure of overall execution performance) and 10 independent (market centers, data is % of orders routed there). My goal is to figure out the relationship between my overall execution performance and my routing %'s. any advice? I know its tool pack… but I’ve never used it an would appreciate anyone’s input!

You need to install Analysis ToolPak and go from there. http://www.jeremymiles.co.uk/regressionbook/extras/appendix2/excel/

Tools–>Data Analysis–>Regression Y-input = dependent variable X-range = independents -->put the data all next to each other in columns and section the whole group Look for low p-values = significant variables

thanks guys- I got it. I was being held up by the on “X”, but then I figured out I can select multiple column range and it includes them as separate variables. I’m not a natural geek- but I strive to improve :wink: