Excellent books on strategy

Hi everyone,

basically I am looking for the most resources-efficient and practical solution.

As much as I would love to buy everything that draws my attention, it is not quite feasible.

Thanks for the inputs!

Solution to what? “Strategy” is a pretty broad topic.

For concepts, I like Michael Mauboussin’s work. Those books are fairly short and good reads. Often times you have to make a bit of a conceptual leap to get the applicability to finance, but they are not enormous leaps and he is a financial strategist (was with Legg Mason, not sure if he is still there now).


strategy for the portfolio of businesses, both corporate and BU approaches…

this is the one that is new to me, thanks!

Have already been there)))

I am not new to the topic, I am looking for something practical, hands-on which lots of numerical examples.

Something people here have tried and found useful (no offense to Porter, it is great and I am a huge fan of his work, but I am looking for new dimensions).

Two books that I read cover-to-cover on “strategy”:

Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter

Competition Demystified by Bruce Greenwald

^^ That book by Greenwald is something else. All you will need imo.

Thanks Numi. I really like Greenwald’s Value Investing book. I didn’t notice his strategy book, but liked the blurb enough to kindle it right away.