Except, Most unlikely, False

I am working on Scheweser question bank. I found lot of questions using “Except, Most unlikely, False” constructs. I feel using these words confusing me and I am incorrectly answering these. Is it really true to ask so many questions in real exam using these constructs? I also wonder any tips on answering these types of questions.

I heard there were plenty of double negatives in the june exam. One way I tackle this is by reading it properly and writing True or False next to the question.

delhirocks is right. It’s really irritating to know that a significant chunk of your time is spent not in demonstrating your knowledge but in parsing the answers.

I don’t think that you not expect that the answers will be unclear whether as double negatives or not. CFAI has never been untrying when trying to avoid not making an answer not unclear. Oh yes and Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo … is a sentence with any finite number of “buffalos”. Chomsky thinks that the infinite version isn’t a sentence but other linguists disagree.