Excited about spending another $1000 for a test?

I know a lot of people here are getting real excited!!! You’ll have the opportunity in 2 weeks :slight_smile:

Right now am just really excited about finding out whether I passed or failed. It’s become the core of all worries in my mind. Can’t wait.

It’s more fun when you get to the final level - an extra two week wait…

My mom sponsors every penny of my CFA exam expenses.


I just spent 1k on signing up for FRM level 2 and 3rd party material; however, i just got my tax return so i’m ok :wink:

I think all the early bird deals for CFA go till mid-Sept, which is how long i will wait before signing up again


excited how people here will compare scores on results day

It’s not a test. It’s “the” test.

I check analyst forum daily to see whether people are getting the same jitters as me.

I’d like to point out I was only joking. Work pays for this.

everyone is slowly coming back online and active in this forum. nice.

It shall be my last CFA exam!


Starting to now…

Work pays, so the cost is the last thing on my mind (unless I fail, in which case I’m paying).

Actually I miss studying. Can’t wait till I register for level 3 and yes I’m ready to spend another $1k.

Good luck to all !! 1 week to go