Exec-man Quiz

Which of the following markets do not enable price discovery? A) Electronic Crossing Networks B) Electronic Communications Networks C) Electronic Limit-Order Markets



anyone have a mnemonic for remembering these? i hate that i think of them both as ecns and need to do a double take every time.

A shuns.

A is CORRECT. Just a confidence booster. Keep in mind ECN = Electronic Communications Networks *NOT* Crossing Networks

Good quiz…I was wondering what in the world is Electronic Limit-Order Market. Automated Auctions (Electronic Limit-Order Markets) These are computer- based auctions that operate continuously within the day using a specified set of rules to execute orders. Electronic communications networks (ECNs), such as Island and Archipelago Exchange in the United States and the Paris Bourse in France, are examples of automated auctions for equities. (V6, p. 17). :smiley: