Executive compensation consulting

Afternoon everyone - basically I am hoping someone on here has some experience in the aforementioned. I came across a job posting and was interested in learning some more about the role. At this point I do not understand how the CFA is so relevant to the role and am trying to get a better idea of its intracicies.

I currently work in quantitative finance doing grunt work for PhDs and software people. Unfortunately, I do not see this as a career just a perpetual minion. So I am looking for a change something that offers me a career path. Suggetions/help are much appreciated. Thanks and take care

That’s an HR role in my view, and CFA is not relevant at all.

That is what I thought but the job description clearly states that they are interested in ppl pursuing the CFA designation.

www. cfa inc.org/

Sorry but what do cats have to do with my question?