Executive MBA > CFA ?

. Apparently those of us that live in NYC can find out on Thursday evening, at an event hosted by the NYC CFA society… ___ FIRST ANNUAL EXECUTIVE MBA FORUM Thursday April 28, 2011 6pm-8pm Presented by NYSSA’s Career Development Committee http://www.nyssa.org/programs/mastercalendar/tabid/121/vw/3/itemid/82/d/20110428/First-Annual-Executive-MBA-Forum.aspx Getting an MBA can be difficult if you’re an experienced senior-level professional. Full-time study would interrupt your career and part-time study would conflict with your schedule and take three years to finish. Executive MBA programs accommodate busy schedules and managerial responsibilities of senior executives. They typically take 18–24 months to complete, and prearranged schedules satisfy the executive and employer. Representatives from these five top-tier Executive MBA programs will discuss their programs and answer your questions: * Columbia Business School * Cornell University, Johnson Graduate School * MIT, Sloan School of Management * New York University, Stern School of Business * University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School

i’d say ‘yes’ because if you’re already at a post where your company will pay for one you don’t really need the cfa as you probably already have them working for you.

Based on the listed schools, I would say it is. If you are planning to attend the forum, then please do ask and let us know. I doubt they would explicitly state that their programs are better than CFA, but let’s have fun.

Interesting… anyone going to this?

Did anyone attend? What’s the verdict EMBA < or > CFA? Anyone going to: http://www.nyssa.org/programs/mastercalendar/tabid/121/vw/3/itemid/123/d/20110502/BIGS-Conference-Bloomberg-Idea-Generation-Seminar.aspx