Executive MBA for career transitions?

Hey guys. So I’m in a dilemma. I was recently accepted to a top execuive MBA program (Wharton/Columbia/Booth/Kellogg). Due to several factors, a top full-time program is not feasible. I’m a former trader, now working on a startup (VC funded, revenues have tripled in past 6 months), hoping to transition into investment management. I’m also taking Level I in December.

Obviously, a FT MBA is ideal for career transitions since that’s what the program is designed for. The executive program I’m considering, however, does provide access to on-campus recruiting for full-time jobs (not internships though) as well as the other resources that the school offers. It is however more expensive than the full-time program, and I’m concerned that the program might not be taken seriously by recruiters. I’ve asked friends for advice and have gotten varying feedback.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Is there some reason you’re not giving the school’s name? If it’s Booth, why don’t you consider the part-time regular MBA? If it’s Wharton, the EMBA has a reputation of being very rigorous, similar to the regular program. I can’t really comment on CBS or Kellogg, but I’m sure someone can.

Sorry. I’m paranoid about getting outed so don’t want to divulge too much.

Okay, just realize that it may be difficult to get “one size fits all” advice for all four of those programs, since they may have different levels of rigor and perception in industry.

Outed about what? Im curious now haha.

Most of the advice that i say in this kind of matter is “do you like this” if it is yes go for it and if it’s not well you just follow what is convenient to you.I remember when i was in Finland and there is a huippuvalmennus or top coaching stuff that use to advice to a problem like this and he said that follow what you want and make you feel challenge for you to level up.Seem a good advice right?

any reason why you can’t do a part-time program (non exec) at the same school?

I don’t think part-time is wise for someone wanting to transition. Don’t underestimate on campus recruiting.