Executive MBA

Does anyone know anything about Executive MBAs? Better than part time? Do you have to be a big shot to get the go ahead from most companies to participate in one? Seems like a good way to a top school outside of your region without having to uproot.

I know a couple people that have gone through it. Generally everyone is older and it’s a great networking opportunity. School is based more around your professional experiences, case studies, and stuff.

A good friend of mine went through Wharton’s. From everything I have heard from him the curriculum is every bit as rigorous as the normal MBA, the professors are the same, but the classroom experience is much more meaningful because of the experiences the participants had to share. Awesome if you could get into one but from what I understand the guys in his class were bigshots (company paid for their schooling travel to and from, and all incidentals). I am hoping that I can follow a similar route once I am a bit older and have more experience (since a regular MBA would be kind of pointless for me at this point), and if I am lucky enough to work for a company that will be willing to pay for such a program. Hope that helps.

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Sometimes bringing up a previously covered topic is more helpful than looking at some stale thread from months ago. Thanks for the tip on the search feature though, always happy to learn about basic functionality.

Whats your beef with short dated options?

Whats your beef with short dated options?

More of a reference to time in general rather than time decay.