Exercise in patience

I have received a verbal offer from a key decision-maker to join their company and I have accepted it. This offer has been confirmed by an email and I have accepted it in writing. I was also told that the HR lady (whom I have met in the interviews) will approach me next (this) week to clarify the details. Well, Thursday is nearly coming to its end and I am getting nervous (partially due to the notice period issues and the fact that I want to avoid a tension with my current employer where I have gathered some qualifying experience).

I am not quite sure which is the right way to approach the issue without sounding desperate. Luckily, the HR lady happens to be the same person who will do the reimbursement of travel expenses. Also, in an interview she sounded receptive of a further communication. So I was thinking about submitting the expense form along with a short email summarising the progress so far (I mean, the offer) and somehow raising the question of a further procedure. Or am I better off calling her/ waiting for another couple of days?

If they said sometime this week, then give them some more time. I’d call after lunch tomorrow if you haven’t heard anything.

Thanks. They approached me))).

Well yea if they said end of the week, don’t freak out on Thursday… If it’s Friday late afternoon at 5pm, then you can panic