Exit opportunities with this entry role.

I have an interview for this booming media company (turnover is $100mm). Media is not my preferred industry but I need to get experience more than anything - want to break work in banking industry. Ideally, I want to get into FP&A, so I am not sure whether this role is beneficial for getting into FP&A?

Is there any questions that I should ask in the interview to ensure I should get the experience I want? ect. I am planning to ask how much of the role is working on financial end statements/analysis.

Job Description (Junior Financial/Data Analyst)


Checking submitted deal sheets for accuracy · Approval of deal sheets · Adding deal sheets to the master sheet and the IP sheet on a daily basis · Reconciling the master sheet and IP sheet on a daily basis · Maintaining accurate “live” statements for media owners, clients and agencies · Reviewing statements for media owners, clients and agencies · Ad hoc requests for statements, analysis and reporting · Weekly reporting of trading numbers to senior staff and trading team · Preparing month end performance analysis · Reconciling master sheet data to the month end management information pack


Preparing journals for the month end adjustments Preparing month end statements for agencies, media owners and clients · Reconciling agency, media owner and client statements to source data · Preparing journals for month end agency, media owner and client statements


Plan, prioritise and communicate work load, tasks and requests from senior management · Build rapport between finance and trading team · Assist the Senior Analyst in analytical reporting, data collation and cross checking of transactions.

· Evolve functionality and improve efficiency of current processes within the role and team in general.

Why do they feel the need to repeat the same responsiblities over and over? Anyway, sounds hacksaw I’d go for something else better if you really wanna get into banking. FP&A is not going to get you there.

It sounds like it’s more of a bookkeeping role. I doubt there will be any financial analysis.

Is there anything I should ask at the interview in particular? I plan on asking about how much involvement there will be regarding budgets.

It looks like the only thing you MAY do with budgets is reconcile them.

is this iheartmedia?