Exit ops. from a Capital Advisory (Lending) analyst position

What are potential exit opportunities after a 3year analyst gig doing Capital Advisory (analyzing clients’ capital structure, balance sheet and cash flow modeling, preparing underwriting memos, etc.)?

I think exit ops. would depend on what kind of lending this is. Do you analyse corporations that require debt financing in upwards of $100m? Or is this small business lending where your debt financing is in a range of $10k-200k? I think the former is corporate banking and the latter is commercial (not retail) banking (I think thats what it is in Canada anyway). Maybe with MBA the corporate banking gig would look nice and you could probably get into ibanking.

This position is at one of the big banks, in the Private Banking business, so I assume the amount of financing would be well into the millions. Don’t know much beyond that. Any additional input would be appreciated.

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