EXPAT Deal requirements?

Hi all,

I have a potential chance an an EXPAT deal and I was asked my requirements. I wanted to see if I am missing anything with what I am requesting. Below is what I have discussed so far:

Pay increase Moving cost to/from Apartment and car costs

1 Year employment agreement that effectively the clock starts ticking when I move back (so if they let me go while there I get the 1 year) Health insurance - local Tax equalization and someone to do my taxes if I am paid from brazil or have any different tax consequences from this agreement - basically, I told them I am asking this from a USA perspective so I want the net as if I was in the US and then the company needs to take car of anything that would prevent that. Paid in USD or USD equivalent (use current rate on each pay check, if paid in brazil in BRL)

Any big things that are normal I am missing?

You hit the big ones. My company provides expats with 1 company paid home leave per year, so they pay the RT airfare for you, wife, etc. For 1 trip home. They also prefer to pay you in local currency, but will split USD and local if you have constant funding needs in USD, say loans. Typically they’ll pay for Private school if you have kids.

Why do you consider yourself an Expat and not an immigrant/emmigrant?

ask for a ‘per-deim’. this is hard cash (folding notes) put in your hand every week. should be enough to cover all daily living expenses.

ideally you don’t want to touch your salary while you’re there.

and ask for a bigger apartment. in a better area.

Good comments, I forgot that I also request 4 paid trips back per year, which I agreed to combine with work trips when possible.

I dont think they will go for the per diem, but I put in that I need 40-50% pay increase. So relative to my current cost that should cover me while there and still leave something extra. I thought about that and may go back and put it in, but I think I wont get the increase and that costs…which in the end i guess if I am ok with the level in total, it doesnt matter.

Agree on the apartment…so far, the only discussion was the concept (nothing specific and I dont really know the area well enough to know the expected cost, but I put in a decent amount of money for this).

No kids, so that wont be an issue for me.

On the currency that is still kind of open as because I am already on the US payroll, they may leave me there. I am fine with local currency, but if I get paid from the brazil office it means i have to revisit the calculation as I am not sure what taxes will apply. But good comment about maybe having some portion that matches to USD exposure (my current house in the US that I would keep).

Robert - I would be an EXPAT as it would be a temporary deal (1-2 years, which I have asked to define).