Expected results date for September 2019 L1

Hi all, Would just like to check if there is any expected date of results for September L1 exam, based on your experiences. Generally it says 3 weeks from last exam day.

I did CAIA LI last September and received my results on the 2nd of October at 23:59 (Sydney, Australia time).

No idea this year naturally

Oh thanks a lot. Can expect it within this week than.

Hi there, how did you find the exam out of interest? tougher than you expected?

it was tough. Ethics was surprisingly difficult - and I struggled to finish in time!

Agree, I found it tough, especially the first half. I ran out of time as well and ended up rushing all my Flagged for review Qs.

I have NO idea whether or not I will pass - but I also felt that way after CFA L1 so hoping for the best.

Yeh I have no idea either. Fingers firmly crossed. Best of luck to you!

and you!

Hi… I login to caia account and check the results… It showed 2019 sep results and I fail. 4th attempt. Kinda of sad. Did you guys check it out?

Nothing showing on mine yet

no it’s not showing yet, yes indeed first half was very difficult

Passed! Strongest in 5 areas, higher in 2. On to level 2.

congrats, well done. I passed as well, so relieved

i nailed it yupppp

hello those who cleared level 1, we can make a group on wassup …+91 9711903883 just let me know

Hello everyone… congrats to all.

I passed too…now level 2 :sunglasses:

Hey, that is sad. I would like to check how you are preparing, because if you put the time in, do as many uppermark question bank practice exams over and over as you can, and reread the entire syllabus at least 3 times you should not be failing.