Expected value of MPS

For the students who took exam in WEST, does anyone have a guestimate of what would be the minimum passing score. My intelligent guess is, at the moment, no one even at CFAI knows what will be the MPS, as they do an intense session to come up with the magic number. And if I recall correctly, the link on their site that explains the process says, it takes about 7 weeks for them to arrive at a MPS for Level 2 exam. So, we all still have time to pray, and our fates are not sealed yet, unless you have clearly scored above or below a level. e.g. if you scored above 75 or below say 50, its very likely that your fate is sealed! So any guesses, what is the mps for this exam? Re-takers who were close, any guesses, what could have been your score that kept you from crossing the finish line by a very small margin? My hope is the MPS is set no higher than 68% this year for me to have atleast a little bit of chance to pass.

sorry, this was to be meant to be posted on L2 forum.