Expected weights on Exam

With 80% of the test being covered by minimum percentages as outlined by the CFA, where do you think the extra 4 item sets are going to come from on Test day? My best guess is that we’ll see an additional item set for FRA, Equity, Fixed Income and Derivatives. This is just my best guess from what I’ve seen on the mocks and what not? What does everyone else think?

Pierre has spent a good deal of time analyzing the expected weights - I think there is an entire thread on his theories in this reagrd.

1 FRA / 2 FI … OR 2 FRA / 1 FI


1 Deriv

1 Equity

FRA: Big

Equity: Big

Ethics: Medium

Fixed Income: Medium

PM: Medium

Derivatives: Medium

Corp Fin: Medium

Quant: Small

Alt: Small

Econ: Small