Expensive Pee

I had been taking the same multivitamin packet for years. The formulation was tweaked frequently based on the latest research and composition and absorbability was verified by a third party. Unfortunately, it is no longer available. Any recommendations for a replacement?

And, just having lunch. The girl wiped her nose with her bare hand and then took my credit card with the same hand. How does one respond? Thanks for sharing?

Why do you consume multi vitamins ?

^Probably a futile attempt to make up for a diet that is not diverse in nutritional content. I am a 6’3" Greek god of course, but I’m thinking long term.

I used to take Animal Pak and Optiment.I quit using multivitamins because:

  1. The form of mineral/vitamin used in many brands are the inferior form.A good example is where Magnesium oxide is used in most brands but the oxide form is the least bio Flav able form.As you also know Magnesium is too good of a mineral to ignore.
  2. So many minerals/vitamins are time-related.If you take Vitamin D at night, for example, you could screw your sleep,the multivitamins don’t give you much flexibility.

What I do is take different stuff during different times of the day,I have a stack I use which I think is pretty cool.

I read somewhere that if a very obese person just didn’t eat for months, they would die before losing all the weight, since they would run out of vitamins. Knowing!

Makes sense. But I’m not looking for best practices. Just better. I’m not willing to think about it more than once a day.

I once went to a restaurant bathroom so dirty, I peed in the sink while washing my hands at the same time. It’s a real interesting sensation

create your own ‘packet’. get a blood test done, highlight deficiencies and supplement according with the high qualtiy stuff as crybaby wrote.

you should look into you gut/intestinal health as well. people spend tons on vitamins but end up not absorbing any of it.

zinc and magnesium at night is a must. you’ll sleep like a baby.

Naturally, arent we all? AF is the largest online gathering of beautiful BSD’s and HCB’s in the universe.

As for a daily I just pop a pill from a Target brand mens thing. Used to use the costco one but tbh I cant really tell a difference. Im probably wasting my money but my doctor says do it, and its not too expensive so whats the harm.

If you want to see some change you have to listen to what The Big Cheese Man is saying.

The goal is actually to slow changes as I age. No complaints at the moment.