Experience Requirement

Does anybody know if you have to have your 4 years of experience within N years of completing Part III? I looked on the website but didn’t see anything. I’m trying to decide how that would impact my tentative schedule for pursuing a masters degree. Also, I currently work as a corporate credit / risk analyst for a fortune 50 firm where I spend most of my time determing risk levels and trade credit lines for companies based upon their 10K and 10Q reports and various methods of FSA. It’s essentially FSA from a liquidity / profitability standpoint without the final valuation step. Will I be able to use this as experience or should I begin looking for new employment. Has anyone else had success in using a similar position for CFA experience? Edit: P.S. I am aware that I should probably start looking for new employment anyway because my job sucks, at this point lets keep it in context of CFA experience.

There used to be a requirement whereby you had to satisfy the 3 year experience requirement within 7 years of beginning the program. I believe about two years ago they changed this, such that they increased the years of experience required (from 3 to 4), streamlined the list of jobs that qualify as relevant experience, and eliminated the 7 year requirement so that you can take as long as you want to gain the relevant experience. With regards to your current role, I believe credit analysis does qualify in terms of relevant experience.

Glendronach, do you have a link to the list of jobs or are you referring to a general policy announcement? The CFAI statement regarding qualifying jobs leaves a lot of room for subjectivity.