Experience with Nathan Ronen for Level III (Chalk & Board)

Like everyone, I have been dealing with exam cancellation issues and wanted to share the one positive aspect of my Level III preparation experience so far. While I used Kaplan to prepare for Levels I & II, I decided to use Nathan due to a recommendation from someone who recently passed Level III. He has definitely surpassed my expectations so far, and I wanted to highlight some key components of what he has to offer. For anyone unfamiliar with his program, he gives candidates access to video lectures and he makes himself available for any questions.

  • Specifically for Level III candidates, he is very familiar with essay topics on all of the past exams along with how the curriculum has changed from year to year. Based on this, he highlights certain topics in the curriculum that are more likely to be tested on essays and others that will likely show up in item sets.
  • Nathan goes over practice essay questions in his videos, and his prior experience as a grader is very helpful when he explains how the answers will be graded. Overall, he does a good job of explaining the balance between giving enough detail in the answers and giving too much information.
  • If you email Nathan with questions on any of the material, he will give you a call back to discuss and help explain to make sure you understand everything. One time, I was studying at midnight and he called me back within 5 minutes. The longest I ever had to wait was when I emailed him around 11PM and got a call from him around 8AM the following morning (which is pretty amazing).
  • If he hasn’t heard from you in a while, he will text you to check in and make sure you are keeping up with your preparation.
  • He will send out emails roughly every week or two with an update on where you should be in your studies which is helpful if you like to stay on a certain schedule. Additionally, he will call you when you first join his preparation program to discuss what order you should go through each topic in (it is different than the way it is presented in the curriculum).
  • The videos do a good job of highlighting important topics in each section. Having read the curriculum as well, he hits all of the big LOS.

I also want to give him credit with how he has responded to exam delays and cancellations. He has been very accommodating and extended access to all candidates. He also offers an essay writing workshop, but that hasn’t happened yet. Every time I have spoken with Nathan, he has been very friendly and has done a great job explaining all of the questions I had. He has been a pleasure to work with, and I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a top-tier preparation experience.

I did a few videos for Nathan last year. He’s a good guy.

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