I ahve been goign over the experience requirements. 4 years of experience in the investment management business? Sheesh… I have been running companies for the past few years with the title in my little company of President and later in others as director of operations but in all cases responsible for financial management albeit not actual traditional investment management. in the last year I took a telephone technical support position to have time to study and dont plan on career changing until I have time for real responsibility - i.e after the CFA …The whole point of this and other educational endeavors is career change… Are the really goign to make me wait 4 years after passing everything to get a charter or will some of my experience count for something? Joey what do you think? is it going to matter that I will have an MBA and MS in finance? Am I just wasting my time?

dude, relax, see the bright side, on your resume you can still claim you passed all 3 levels…

I have seen titles in CFAI documents or NYSSA forms for titles that have: - CEO - CFO - Consultant - Analyst - Portfolio Manager and a long list of others. I don’t think they say involved in “Investment Management,” but involved in the “Investment Management process.” This encompasses a wider umbrella. I did some research a little bit ago into this because I was worried about the same thing and didn’t know if I should literally switch positions to fall under the right experience category to get credit for the experience. It turns out after reading the material, my role relates closely to a good handful of the topics.

I have around 12 years experience- 8 years in accounts and finance, 4 years as Business Analyst in an IT company with various I-Banks as clients. Will CFAI count this experience or do they mean 4 years post-qualification (CFA) experience? I will be giving level-1 in june 2009.