Experiences working in NY/Lon/TYO etc.

I’m interested to hear from members who’ve worked in two or more of the big financial hubs, primarily I’m interested in New York City, London and Tokyo but it would also be useful to hear from people who’ve worked in Hong Kong, Singapore etc.

What culture shocks hit you, especially if moving from a country that places a higher emphasis on work-life balance? Did the salary compensate for the extra hours you had to work, if that was the case? How did you cope socially outside of your professional circles? Did you choose to live within 15-25 minutes walk/commute of the office or were you happy to be up to 1 hour from work?

Was the move temporary for you (that is, you plan to return to your home country one day) or did you decide to put down roots in your new home?

go to NYC

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+1 lamb at halal carts in nyc is fantastic. Have also got some of the best chicken & beef kabobs in my life at some in queens