expert says MS and GS should be in play

not sure about that, thoughts?

If MS/GS ever pull a Bear/Lehman, that’s when you know we’re REALLY screwed. Don’t see it happening in the foreseeable future.

it the market considered both GS and MS relatively strong until now…nothing is going to change unless they will show up with billions of write down (which I think is almost impossible)

Anybody who is willing to try and go after GS like they have BSC and LEH will probably wind up in very deep sh!t.

They will be acquirors. There will be nore more stand alone investment banks real soon.

Nouriel Roubini? I must say the guy is a gloomer and doomer but he’s been more spot on than most of these happy go lucky Economist. I saw him on CNBC and what he said scared me, he said “Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley should start looking for buyers right now because they won’t last through all of this either.” If this happens undoubtedly I believe the market would crash- but hey I’m not an Economist, I’m not even a CFA. The Fed is doing everything they can, a rate cut is coming but no one knows when. The fact that they’re taking equities as collateral is insane but I guess justified and needed. Some were calling it market manipulation on CNBC but hey if they don’t, then what happens? We have GS and MS reporting earning this week- Tues and Wed respectively…let’s just hope they beat expectations.

Anyone have access to newswire?? - was emailed this DJ News: Talk Morgan Stanley to be sold to foreign bank or merge with Goldmans