Explaining to friends and family

People keep telling me “its not cool that you are going to miss so and so’s event so you can study” I have told people that I am not doing anything between now and the exam. But then they get upset that i meant thier thing too. They roll thier eyes and say “can’t you miss one sat or sun of study time”

I am even not going to a friends wedding so I can stay home and study.

Does anyone else have to deal with this?

It is a sacrifice. no doubt about it.

Some of my friends started bullying me for not attending their fun!. I don’t care. Only 2 months left. Every hour counts.

Good luck to all who sacrifice!

same position. My close friends sort of understand.

My favorite friends these days are all CFA Candidates

I can’t wait to finish this and start enjoying life again

I’m in the same position, unfortunately some events are mandatory for me. . . I’ve got a weekend in April when I can’t study. That’s why I started in October to study for this beast! Thank goodness we’re done before summer starts :slight_smile:

I think that taking a day off every now and then is healthy. I’m at ~250 hours and I’m almost finished with going through the curriculum. It’s good to have time to refresh your mind so you can focus. I cut out exercise and free time for Level I and that was a mistake.

Duh, obviously when you are a billionaire, buy all the neighborhood property and the companies that they work for. Then, enslave their women and children.

Know EXACTLY what you mean, the important people in your life (family, close friends, girlfriend…) should understand and be supportive, the people that nag and only care about their personal interest aren’t even worth feeling guilty over… Just stay focused and do take some time off to relax. Best of luck :slight_smile:

My genuis mom scheduled my little brother’s graduation party for Memorial Day weekend (5/26). With a year and a half of time to plan ahead, I was not pleased to learn of this news (I live 4 hours from them so this will waste an entire day).

But of course, I was made out to be the bad guy when I said there was no way I could go (though I probably will end up going.)

Thats tough. I told my wife that I can not go to her best friends wedding. That did not go over well but we are past it

It’s tough, indeed. I always made the effort to go to most things, but it was really hard. Several times I would start a practice exam at midnight or later, just so I could go to a family dinner or see a buddy that was in from out of town.

Good luck to all the candidates.