Explaining Value of CFA Charter without gloating

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I’m curious to know how the majority of you explain the value of the CFA designation to those who don’t know what it is. I’m not looking for a way to come across as a know it all to friends or colleagues. I work as a wealth manager in a small town of roughly 100,000 people and I am the only CFA charterholder. None of my clients or potential clients know what the CFA is, and therefore don’t know/appreciate the value.

Long story short I’m looking for a way to explain to clients and potential clients what earning the CFA designation means in terms of my level of knowledge. As I said in the title I don’t want to come across as the “I have the CFA so I’m better than all my competitors in town”; but at the same time the majority of my “competitors” simply have their Canadian mutual funds license which can take less than a month to earn and I’d like my clients to know that.

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It’s a minor credential that signifies superficial knowledge of miscellaneous finance topics. There is no need to say that it makes charterholders better than others, because it doesn’t really.

Just refer to it as what it really is (on a relative basis, of course).


If you put credentials on your stationary, one who is interested will easy find the meaning of designation. If someone is simply not interested, like me about various ICT certifications, I cannot find any purpose of explanation. BTW, where I live, many doesn’t know the meaning of CFA charter nor are even interested to know.

have a TV in your waiting area play the CFA commercial nonstop on a loop. make sure the commercial mentions “gold standard” and "elite ". and make sure to hang your charter right on top of that same TV.

at the end of the commercial, have a short clip of yourself appear with: “Name, CFA” at the top while you nod and point and say “yea that’s right”

Not to mention it would be a violation of the Code and Standards to do so! xD

No one cares what “the CFA” is… which by the way is not how you should refer to it. Seems like you may need some refresher my friend.

Stop focusing on explaining or telling your clients about you being a CFA charterholder. Instead tell them how you can help them grow/preserve/whatever their wealth. Put your clients’ interests first.

“it’s a designation which helps develop portfolio management and investment research skills”

Agree with prior comments. If they want to learn more they will. 90% will walk away thinking you have the CFP or that your one of those tax CPA guys.

Unless you can convince them something you have can make them lots of money or reduce risk, they won’t care, even if it took you 10k hours of study. It’s all about them.

Very good idea, I concur. Indeed funny, but there you go. Just do this

LOL yes

I just say “It’s the finance version of a CPA. You go to a CPA for your taxes (because they think CPAs are only for taxes), and you go to someone with the CFA Charter for your investment valuation needs/portfolio management.” That usually works, but sometimes they come back and ask about the series 7…

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