Explanations for 2007 Exams

Hey I’m taking 2007 Schweser book exams and it just has the answers in the back, no explanations. Anyone know where to get the explanations?

If you boughtt he schweser online pro or premium package, i believe there is a section labelled practice exam vol 1. Click on it…dot in your answers and they will give you explanations on ones you got one.

you used to be able to get them on the website - just like you get the answers now… but i’m guessins its disabled now - because they only have the answers for the 2008 practice exams… bottom line - don’t think you can get the explanations for those anymore…unless someone has like a pdf or something…

Oh i thought he meant 2008 practice exams…duh…its late, im going to bed haha.

go to elitebooks for solutions

Yes, I have the same problem - exams without explanations are worthless!