"Exploding deer population causing billions in damage"

Headline from Yahoo. I worry about terrorists on airlines, suicide bombers, and now exploding deer. Great.

Those exploding deer owe me about $200 for a new tree that they ate & demolished this spring. $6,999,999,800 can go to everyone else.

here in texas its wild boar that creates issues. Hunting season year round, no permits necessary.

must be sorta like that scene in Monty Pythons “Meaning of Life”…just one…more…tulip…

Paper thin, sir, paper thin. Seriously though, deer can devour a lot of flowers in the garden. We used to keep them away with Ivory soap. The bigger issue is the accidents they cause. You hit a deer going 60 mph and it goes through your windshield, you are escrewed.

yeah that was pretty thin. I actually use high frequency emiitters (nerdy, I know) in my yard, but damn it works. these things are murder on gardens.

JDV you just hit post number 11,111. Better make a wish :slight_smile:

Maybe they were eating exploding toads: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/04/28/exploding_german_toads/