external provided revision courses

Hi guys, i am a newbie to CFA exams and will be studying for the June 2008 Level I exam. Just wondering if anyone of you have experiences with/can recommed some revision courses that I can take? I dont come from a finance background (degree-wise) so am a bit nervous about this exam!

Wow. *looking up at ceiling, whistling…counting backwards from ten…* Um…let me see here…you know, I would probably give one of those colorful adds at the top of the screen a try (I believe that they’re called “banners”). Now, before you see that and immediately post a thread titled “Stella or Schweser”, perhaps you should look over one of the other 273 threads with that identical title. FYI, I went with Schweser and I passed Level I.

Gotta admit skillionaire…everytime I read one of your posts I almost spit my coffee all over my computer from laughing so hard…but dam dude, I’m starting to think maybe you need a hug or something haha Reg - There are many courses that can help you review the material. As skillionaire suggests Schweser and Stalla seem to be the two most popular. If you go to their websites there is plenty of information about the tools that they offer. Also the search function here will allow you to view many similar posts on the topic. Hope this helps Dubs

lol Dubs, same reaction here. He posted a few winners in the LI forum today. Maybe a tough-love welcome to AF is appropriate for CFA candidacy, like boot camp for the next couple of demanding years. Now get down and give me fifty :stuck_out_tongue:

Skillionaire is definetley on fire today