Extra time provided

In my center (thakur college, mumbai),12 extra minutes were provided due to electricity fluctuations.Which i found very surprising. On the one hand they say even writing after 5 seconds after the exam ends is a violation of code because it gave candidate an extra advantage over others. And when they provide extra time they say that CFA is not a exam for checking your time management skills but rather your understanding of curriculum. To me electricity fluctuations didnt cost me a bit but it definetely provided an extra advantage for people in my center.Personally i dont have any problem because i was on the benefited side but isn’t this wrong from the CFAI side to do so?

I was also there and in second session, it really did matter unless you were writing with a torch on :-). So it was fair, for us extra time provided was only 5 minutes, you guys are real lucky if you got 14 minutes. You should prob. kiss those proctors. The blackout was two times, one during am and one for pm. For BOM center admin. was the worst. Only one luggage room and mismanagement /mayhem. I have reported the same to CFAI. If we pay that amt as fees we should expect not to face these issues.

ya i would definiltely like to kiss the proctor if she was pretty…:stuck_out_tongue: