EY academy preparation vs Bloomberg Prep


I will be grateful for your help as I face a truly difficult issue of choosing between two prep tools: EY academy in my country and Bloomberg Prep.

  1. Bloomberg Prep tool seems to offer outstanding preparation based not only on AI but also an unlimited amount of questions I can ask tutors (if I sign for a premium account) and there are 3 tutors listed on the tool’s page. Sounds promising, but what worries me is that I can’t find any objective non-marketing information about this tool from people who have already tried it and hence how it does work / or not. I have sent an email to their support team more than a day ago, and I got no answer still, which is truly worrisome - if I pay them a rather huge sum, but will not be able to get a support within a reasonable time (more than 24 hours is pretty reasonable in this case of so called hi-tech tool), how can I trust these guys?

So, if any of you have tried the tool, please, share your thoughts, real thoughts - how good is it, is it worth it, does it cover the material on a deep level?

  1. EY Academy course costs enormous amount of money, truly expensive, and there are some other disadvantages of the course, but a huge advantage is that it is based on well-known and tested for ages Kaplan-Schwesser books.

Please, help me by giving some real information about the bloomberg tool.

Thank you very much!

  1. Buy Kaplan’s notes and study by own arrangement. It’s more than sufficient to pass 1st level.

Didn’t know that EY also provides CFA, not only ACCA education.

What is an enormous amount of money?

Is the average course $2K and they are $4K or something?

$ 400 K with payback guarantee provision

thats expensive

After passed exam a trainee position in EY guaranteed.

Thanks everyone. Well, I decided to take EY course, especially after getting an answer from Bloomberg Prep. - someone, even without a signature, wrote a message, which, apart from being sent 3 days after my request, contained a few mistakes and was written hastily. So, as far as this exam is too hard to get ready to, I decided not to risk - strange, though, that Bloomberg offers such poor service trying to get to market of cfa prep. Anyways, now I have to try and do my best, especially in terms of learning how to physically pass the exam that lasts 8 hours and is so stressful.

LOL… I don’t think I fully understand this.

usd? or some hyperinflated currency?

*breaks down EYs revenue. sees majority of its top line is from ripping kids off on marked up Kaplan material*

In the absence of core revenues, they turn toward new market niches.

what a business model lol. all for a “trainee” position at a below market salary.

OP, I suggest you use the same 400k as runway capital to start a new business venture. better experience and education.