Eyes opened but fully blind!

Each mock exam i take humiliates the h**l out of me. I tend to do well on EOCs and online practice quesitons, but each time I work through a mock, I just can’t seem to find the right answers! still haven’t crossed 70% on mocks

A miracle needs to happen on Saturday because if i were to base my probability of success on mocks…then i’m toasted! big time!

For one minute, i feel so excited and confident that i am going to pass this exam (when i imagine easy topics). The next minute, i feel like crying…I’ve put in so much work into this and worst enough, friends and family have rocket level expectations…God damn it!!

The good news is that come Saturday evening we get our lives back!!!

Don’t stress and focus as much on your strengths as your weaknesses. You don’t want to waste points on the things you work well with.

For the difficult/weak stuff, know enough to eliminate a choice at least. For others, you’ll just have to guess.

Yeah, I go from getting 5/6 on assessments, feel great, move onto another topic, come back to the original and I’m down to 2/6. Completely demoralized, just trying to hold it together.

I took this week off from work to do some intensive review. I haven’t been doing many questions, I’ve finished the 3 Schweser mocks, CFAI mock, and the assorted questions on CFAI website. Sometimes I nail it, sometimes I completely screw up, but I would say that I am in the 70% range overall.

I must have studied around 30-40 hours since Sunday. Picking up lots of good, easily testable information that I must have glazed over. Growing the CFA candidate beard of distress, haven’t been outside the house except to pick up an energy drink. Given that I have blocked the windows so that the beautiful weather doesn’t tempt me, the sun on my skin was a strange sensation. I felt human for a moment.

Just sharing my story - woe is me. Back to the grind.

The online assessments are from older mocks so if you’re doing well at those then you are technically scoring well on mocks. If you are able to do all the eocs and BBs you are in good shape for the exam. I wouldn’t sorry about your score on the 2015 CFAI mock, that’s not a good representation of the difficulty based on my experience last year

Would you say the 2015 CFAI mock is harder or easier than the real exam you took last year?


Fingers crossed, then!

If the actual exam is any easier than the 2015 mock then i might actually pass!

I need it to be written in plain language - no need to write an essay just to ask a simple question. G** ***n it!