F*in Quant

For those of you who have done your first pass through quant…what are you thoughts? Im struggling with it. I feel as if I am getting caught up trying to learn everything and not getting through the material. In reality…its more or less exactly the same as L1’s regression and hypithesis testing. I actually went back to my L1 book and many of the sections were the same…word for word. Actually…the optional sections in L1 showed up in L2. Anyways…id be interested in any thoughts. I just want to get through it…but I find myself putting far too much time into understanding multivariate regressions and such.

C’mon you can get this stuff…

I can get it…for sure. There isnt anything I cant grasp in the entire curriculum. I just feel like I am wasting far too much time on the intricate details. I am wondering if I should just read it…try to grasp as much as possible and go on to the next topic.

jbisback - I dont know how much this will help you (I dont know myself either!! until L1 results are out!!) but try not to spend too much time going thru the same concept over and over again… I discovered that taking as many questions that you can lay your hands on that particular section reaps much more in terms of knowledge gained than spending an additional hour trying to internalize the same material… and then when you review the concepts again after answering questions the concepts will seem clearer to you and you can try and spot the inter-linkages that you may have missed earlier… Hope this helps… Ruckmani

it wasn’t too bad while i was reading through it, but the challenge for me is retaining it for longer than 30 minutes without looking at the notes. i did ok w/ the chapter questions, but we will see once i begin doing qbank questions later on. but yeah, i think your reaction has been the norm from what i have read on this forum so far… a lot of small details that take a lot of time and focus to grasp. i think drilling out questions later will get everything to gel, or at least i hope.

the quant is harder than expected. i’m struggling with reading 12 right now

It’s definitely tough, but try to focus on the big picture concepts. I’m finding multivariate and time series regression are a lot easier if you have a good understanding of basic statistical concepts (normal distribution, t-tests, hypothesis testing, conf. intervals, etc.) I think this area is definitely going to be harder for somebody who hasn’t been in a classroom for a couple of years. So if you don’t know reading 11 inside and out, studying the subsequent topics will likely be a waste of time. That’s why single variable regression analysis is included in both Levels… I think

Damn. It’s 7 years since I did multivariate regressions, and I had minitab to do the heavy lifiting. Not looking forward to revisiting - it was tedious enough the first time…