F the Mock

Im reviewing it again and it is quite possibly the worst written exam. The questions asked are based on nuance written assumptions and are poorly put together. I understand the concept of reading comprehension but looking at the answers its unreal. Anyway, i hope none of you are as pissed as i am currently. Back to my study - sorry i probably won’t respond to any posts under this subject but had to rant. I think the equity section is by far the worse

Couldn’t agree more. Equity and PM killed the heck out of me and I am just using it to review the answers

Hard to think it’s not worth to do the mock. But many people have compained about it.

I did some and I have to agree it was poorly written.

Agreed completely. All this time I was silently grumbling at how poorly written the Schweser mocks were… and then I wrote CFAI. Brutal.

Agreed. Would the test even be that difficult if the questions weren’t worded poorly?