F Yeah!

  1. Got a raise yesterday. 2. Got a phone number from a hot blond at the gym this morning. 3. Got my car back with the mechanic fixing a leak at no cost. 4. Ate a big delicious fish taco that my homeboy Julio made for me at the bodega. 5. Natty Light is on sale! It’s a good week, and it’s only Tuesday. Sound off if you have news to spout F yeah to!

You should buy yourself a lottery ticket. 1. Upcoming three day weekend. 2. I just had delicious cake. 3. Please refer to #1

I woke up today being my awesome self and continued to be awesome throughout the day. F yeah!!

I read several awesome posts from ohai. F yeah!!!

Got level 70 in WOW yesterday. F Yeah!

OFFICIAL RELEASE: Favorite thread ever.

been feeling great. though some of my coworkers piss me off. they can’t keep a pervert down! F’Yeah!

  1. I lost my job, so now I can play xbox a day. 2. My gf left me, so now I can watch porn all day. 3. The market is going to 0, so now I can buy stocks on the cheap. 4. Greece is going bankrupt, so now I can afford twosome instead of onesome. F yeah!

I love to ice bros and sarge!! F YEAH!!

My Asian coworker just hooked me up with copy of Fast 5! F Yeah!

CFAvsMBA Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > My Asian coworker just hooked me up with copy of > Fast 5! > > F Yeah! Maybe she’ll hook you up with her smokin’ hot daughter.

I got a free meal over the weekend, F Yeah!

I’m knocking off, F yeah!

moved to new office with nice view, F yeah!

On Monday the wife started a new job @ a Fortune 500 company with a killer salary! F yeah!

I got a job offer last week, starting first week of January! Gainful employment! F yeah! And people say there are no jobs…lol

Congratulations on your new job.

Sweet. That gives you a month and a half to occupy Wall Street, eating free pizza and tapping hippie chicks.

I have two MBA interviews set up

^^^Too Good!