Remember that guy??!! According to his last post, he will be back on May 24 “assuming the exam is on June 7”. So that means he should be here tomorrow.

What are you smoking DCZ?

I remember this guy…2 weeks of study and he aces the exams.

Someone’s gotta remember him. He’s the guy who supposively has spent less than one month studying for L1 and L2 combined. http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?12,923349,1046997#msg-1046997


when i pass this year (fingers crossed) i am going to make up a new name and come on here 2 weeks before each test and act like i dont know what an IPS is. Then tell everyone i passed to make everyone who studied for 4 months feel bad.

I remember him…

I remember him. Did he pass L2?

He passed L2 and said he’d be back, to the L3 forum I’d assume, 2 weeks before this year’s exam. If I had to bet, I’d say he studied for at least a couple months for L2, but who knows. I brought this up cuz I got a kick out of the conversations about his exam preparation strategy last year.

I remember him. But this cartoon explains a lot about people like f2d… http://mikelynchcartoons.blogspot.com/2010/01/dog-cartoon-inspires-play.html