Facebook faux pas

Do you know how the ‘search’ bar is right above the ‘what’s on your mind?’ post bar?

I was trying to search for this girl who is about 15 years younger than me, that a lot of my friends know, and I obviously wanted to look at her new pictures… I of course typed her name into the wrong box… and hit enter, (deleted it after) but I’m sure it made it clear to all that I was up to some mad perversion. So it goes…

If you deleted it quickly you should be fine


I hope so. Imagine if she saw my post that simply said her name?She’d probably call her dad. lol. i’m sure she has a lot of older men as facebook friends though that probably hit her up pathetically.

Wait, how old are you? If you are 30 and she is 15, then that would come across as pretty sketchy…

I’m in my mid to late 30’s.


And LMAO at creeping on a chick that young.

So she’s 18+? No judgment on my part!

Keep your creep game right.

A man walks into a bar with his dog and goes up to the bartender and says, " I bet you 50 that my dog can talk!" The bartender laughing at the man says, “Okay, you’re on pal!” So the man asks his dog, “What is on top of a house?” and the dog replies back “Woof” The man satisfied with the dog’s answer says, “There my dog talked!” The bartender then says " No he didn’t he just barked! You owe me 50!" The man gives the bartender his 50 and storms out of the bar. The next day, the man comes back with the same dog and says to the bartender, “Okay now I bet you $100 that my dog can talk!” The bartender laughs at him again and says " Okay you’re on!" The man then asks his dog, " Who is the greatest baseball player ever?" And the dog replies “Woof!” The man shouts at the bartender “There my dog talked! He said Ruth, Babe Ruth” The bartender replies back furiously," No he didn’t he just barked! You owe me 100!" The man disappointed give the bartender 100 and walked out of the bar. While the man and dog were walking down the street the dog looks up at the man and says, " Hey, you think I should have said Sammy Sosa?"

A man and a girl walk into the woods. The girls says, “I’m scared.”

The man replies, “you’re scared? I have to walk out of here alone.”

^Your joke + your profile pic = LOL!