So, how much could a FB blowout IPO move the market? Specifically things like LNKD? ZYNGA? etc. What would it take to move these things 5 percent or 10 percent? I’m thinking if FB is a smashing success stocks like LNKD and ZYNGA will go up by potentially double digits on Friday? Is that crazy?

So, as you all know, I’m pretty short the market currently. Some of my recent shorts

Short AAPL

Short LULU

Short LNKD

Short DB

Short CRM

This has worked really well lately, I’ve had a few days recently where my portfolio has increased by double digits with invididual positions frequently up over 100 percent. Lucky timing.

Yesterday I closed out my near term expiring short positions on AAPL and LNKD. I actually bought 100 calls on LNKD that expire this weekend. They doubled in value yesterday. I bought these just because I was worried that a huge IPO in FB could make the entire market go apeshit with happiness and my shorts could get whacked.

I think this Facebook IPO will actually mark the death of LNKD in the long run. But I don’t expect the stock to agree with me. I think it is only a matter of time before Facebook decides to compete against LNKD. They will need to grow revenue and this is a relatively simple, proven thing that they could do overnight.

There are rumors that FB has just increased IPO range from 34-38. It’s gonna be big. PETS.COM baby!

FB is a tragedy waiting to happen…however, i don’t use FB so not exactly sure how cool it really is…but things just aren’t adding up financially…

Can facebook compete with LNKD? LNKD already has a sticky network built out. And I assume people would want to keep their keg stand pictures separate from their professional profile.

As to your point, probably those stocks will go up. Long irrationality, next stop profits!