FACEBOOK Short Call Spread Sept. 16/17 (thoughts?)

Some bull----t buying right now, but what’s your thoughts on FB price range for the next 4 weeks?

Who know? But you can sell the 20/22 call spread for 50 cents right now, or 20/21 for 30 cents. Commissions not included. Treat that as a market indication of what people think the odds are.

16/17 call spread will go for 75 cents. So, do you like 25% odds that the stock will go lower than that?

Also, I’m assuming you must pay the offer and receive the bid.

I sold them for 85 a few days ago. Don’t necessarily need it to go down to 16, would be nice. But just a dip to low 18’s would do me good enough to close out.

No, I usually step in between bid/ask. Because the bid/ask on FB spreads are wider than somebody’s mother’s… etc.