Facial hair for an interview?

I have a well trimmed goatie/beard. Here’s the link.


What do you think guys, should I shave it off?

I think it’s fine. People say no facial hair, but I don’t buy it.

only investment gurus are allowed to have facial hair…

The fact that you have to ask the question gives you your answer.

Shave your muff man!

shave it off…but go in wearing a merkin and a smile.

Are you a top or a bottom?

lol, kay, off it is. i dont understand the top/bottom thing.

merkin? lol i didnt imagine the analystforum members to be 15

If you’re bald and have facial hair, you’re a bottom.

If you aren’t bald and you have no facial hair, you’re a top.

If you have hair on top and bottom, you could switch.

If you have nothing anywhere, then just keep everything clean and vanilla.

Thanks bchadwick. I have a full head of hair. I’m going to shave though, be clean. Just regrow after interview. But hopefully won’t have to regrow because I will get the job.

It’s 2012… why facial hair (as long as it’s presentable) is still taboo in an interview and in some offices continues to bewilder me.

haha you’d be surprised

Why would that change over time?

I don’t know if facial hair in general is still taboo, but that thing in OP’s picture is pretty horrible…

^i don’t want to be negative, but this

I have a beard, and I’ve never shaved it for an interview. I was on the fence about my handlebar mustache at one point, though.

As long as it’s clean, manicured (that is, not shaggy and gross), you should be fine.

Hell, our former king JDV rocked a beard

I think it’s ok as long as it looks like you normally keep it that way rather than you just forgot to shave for a few days… At least I think so.

Yeah, I prefer to keep a little scruff (I just use the trimmer on the closest setting rather than the razor to shave). Most girls say they prefer that look on me, and I like it because it takes less time and shaving makes my skin get all rashy and irritated. I’ve tried everything, in the end this is the best solution. Sometimes my boss gives me sh*t about it, which is irritating, because it’s a perfectly acceptable look these days from what I can tell based on hollywood styles, etc.

I would DEFINITELY shave that thing. Not sure what it’s called but probably doesn’t belong in an interview setting and it sounds like the OP has some real doubts about it as well.

I would say it depends entirely on the firm. My company is casual to a fault in my opinion. Perhaps its a PE firm that only invests in organic granola companies or something.

Unique circumstances aside, lose the beard. It doesn’t matter how much chicks dig it or how acceptable it is these days. If you don’t know if it is acceptable, use some basic probability skills and realize that you are working in an industry where most companies are conservative and want you to be as presentable as possible.

With that said, I met a guy who worked for Sam Zell’s family office and definately had the hipster/tatoo look going on.