Facts about the level 3 exam

Let’s pin this thread until the exam. Simply state facts about the Level 3 exam. 1) The morning session is essay type while the afternoon session is multiple choice 2) A good part of the morning session concerns IPS 3) Ethics will be in the multiple choice section 4) You are allowed to use a pencil in the essay section 5) A procter will verify your calculator during the exam at least once

  1. It’s the last CFA exam if you pass.
  1. It is in english

It changes in material and complexity every single year.

  1. The 2 hour lunch will be excruciating.

Can someone post the breakup of questions (by % or # of questions) between the morning & afternoon sessions? Also, I remember reading somewhere that, at level 3, answer to one question is needed to answer another question, which is different from I & II. Not that it changes anything for folks taking the exam, but it’s comforting to know the makeup.

Can I use Green ink?

Yes, but it’s a bad idea because a grader might use green ink and then you have caused yourself grader-unreliability when your points are added up. (Why a grader would use green instead of red is a completely legitimate question for which I don’t have a good answer)

Ok, I think I’ll write in Red and Green ink.

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