FactSet for Fixed Income

Anyone have experience using FactSet’s fixed income database? I frequently have to value private notes and term loans and I build a small basket of traded comps to identify market yields. Currently use Bloomberg for this, but my CFO is pushing to replace BB with FactSet to save a few bucks. Is FactSet any good for that? Also use BB regularly for various forward curves. Is FactSet good for that too?

I’ve tried using FactSet with the FI module, and it wasn’t bad. The system is fairly intuitive, and it probably has all the functionality of a Bloomberg terminal. If you’ve never touched Bloomberg before, FactSet is probably easier to learn. The API for FactSet is solid too.

The problem is that you get so familiar with your Bloomberg terminal, it’s painful trying to figure out a different system. There was big push by my company a few years ago to try to replace as many Bloomberg terminals as possible with FactSet. It didn’t go over very well with the FI folks. Most refused to even try FactSet.