Fail, Band 1

One case of Band 1 I know of: He studied well from Sep to February. Then he got a job at Morgan which meant lot of hard work in his probabation period (3 months in the middle eastern countries) which co-incided with the revision time for L2. Consequently, he couldnt focus at all on L2. Despite taking two weeks leave prior to the exam day, resulted at Band 1.

magicskyfairy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > It would be fun to see the distribution by band. > My guess is band one is as low as 31-32%; and yes, > I am aware this is below the expected value of > guessing at random. I wouldn’t doubt it. I tallied up my guessing accuracy, pure don’t have a clue guesses, on the mocks and it was like 25%. I’m just not a good guesser. Either that or the CFAI writes some brilliant tests.

i think going statistics and number predictions work when you look at the majority…but aren’t applicable on an individual basis… so its pointless thinking about the expected value of guessing at random

While random guessing across a wide population should result in a 33% correct rate for guesses, some people have an unfortunate knack for making very poor “educated” guesses based on those pesky distractor answer choices.

Sure, 33% for random guessing, but, 0% for educated guessing. Now, how sure are you of randomness of your guessing?

i hope i dont get a band1. That would be the worst thing to happen.

^i’ll take band 1 over band 10 any day

I did serious studying last year and I was band 2. Shameful I know. I was surprised myself. Now I’m just hoping for a band between 6-10 as I’m sure there’s no way in heaven I’m gonna pass. I cannot face another shameful band.

akctan1…what were ur approximate avg mock test scores last year?