Failed 3 times!

I’m thinking about taking a year off from studying for Level III and spend much needed time with my family. Even reconsidering this whole process of getting my Chartered. Since misery loves the company, is anyone out there who would like to share their thoughts and emotion?


Band 10 twice now (first time was band 8) and i am done

as per my name it was my 3rd time and passed Band 4 Band 7 Pass I STRONGLY suggest you dont take a year off or quit. If you see those LOS comparison posts for 2011, you will notice that the material is pretty much the exact same thing. If they totally revamped L3 and brught in a ton of new study stuff but then i can agree. If I failed I would have no question about it did the 4th time based on this. All those " I wish they tested this stuff" " i cant beleive they ddnt test this … " is likely going to work in your favor next year. let the week go by, relax, let it digest, organize a plan and sit down with both Los’s and re-write you can do it

Trying again next year and registering soon. 3rdtime is a charm, right?

I need advice, too. Failed twice now – both times band 10. My children are begging me to give up. Felt I knew the material very well, but was beside myself with nerves and exhaustion on the day. HELP!?

I know it doesn’t numb the pain, but during the last L3 course I took through Schweser (I took 2), there was an Asian guy w/ a heavy accent who kept correcting the instructor. The rest of the class was impressed with his knowledge, and he seemed to know the material inside & out. During the break, the instructor went over to compliment him on his grasp of the curriculum, when the Asian guy said, “I should know it, I’ve take the exam NINE TIMES…I’m hoping 10th will be my lucky test”

Next year lv3 didn’t change much, I will say to stick to it if I were you. At least you don’t need to grab some new freaking knowledge, so won’t be that painful. After another year, it would be hard to come back with the energy.

“My children are begging me to give up” Maybe it’s just me, but that seems like a cue to give up. I mean, what is this charter really supposed to do?

ohai Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > “My children are begging me to give up” > > Maybe it’s just me, but that seems like a cue to > give up. I mean, what is this charter really > supposed to do? That IS a toughie… I was very fortunate to pass today and am thanking my lucky stars. When I phoned my wife to tell her, my 9-year old son in the background erupted with unbridled joy. I was taken aback by the intensity of his reaction. He and I are very close and although I tried very hard to give him lots of time, “CFA studying” was always competing for attention. Listening to him really bought it home to me. For those with families, this is a difficult factor to weigh. There are no easy answers as to what is best.,1191460 I think this would be my experiences on the studying. Hope it helps. The choice with family time IS very difficult, but it depends who you study it. I think 4 months is more than enough to pass this beast. 4 months for the potential to use this charter for years to come seems like a reasonable trade-off. You still get the summers with your family and if this was level 2, I would say it’s not worth it, but to be at level 3 and throw in the towel would be tragic because you are SO close to finishing it. Just my 2 cents I think most AFers deserve to pass, because I see most are so committed on here. Best wishes to all who write this exam next year. Deep2002

Don’t make any decisions now. After failing L2 three times, I was ready to call it quits. But my wife talked me into going for it one more time. She broke it down simply: Does the studying make you better at your job? Is the designation useful? Yes to both, so do it. My 11 year-old son said this morning after I told him about the FAIL: “Oh well, its not like you don’t get another chance at it.” In other words: Reload, Dad, we are rooting for you.