Failed Band 5. Is it feasible giving it again in December?

I admit I started late (around end of March) and since I was having my final semester of MBA and later job hunting at the same time, I was not able to devote as much time to study as I could have and this is entirely my fault.

I got a Band 5 and I’m not sure if I should sit in December or postpone it till next year. With over 4 months to go and the fact that I now have a full time job, I might only manage about 2-3 hours a day and about 5-6 on weekends.

  1. If I sit in December, I know I will have less time but I’ll retain most of the concepts since I’d already done them 2 months back.

  2. If I sit in June, I will have a full 10 months to take it slow, but will probably be too demotivated at that time to start studying again.

I’m thinking of studying as much as I possibly can till the second deadline (21 Aug) and then judge whether I can do it December or not. Is it ok? Or should I change my approach?

I asked myself same question.

Answer is. I would not take it again.

However, I am pretty sure come October, I will sign up and give it one more shot.

Need to do soul searching buddy. Staring at same stuff over and over again sucks. Maybe find a study buddy this time and teach him.

When you teach others, you learn faster… JMHO

I’d say the best option is to examine not just how much you studied, but HOW. If you weren’t answering questions constantly, you weren’t doing it effectively. There’s a lot of evidence from academic studies that quizzing yourself is the best form of review.

So get access to a good question bank and drain that sucker.

And stop using “giving” in that context. That’s the first step to higher intelligence.

never say die!

Is your full time job the ONLY thing keeping you away from sitting the December exam?

well… what do you think you will be doing for L2 and L3? are you going to quit your job?

Come on it’s only July and most people who have NOT taken the L1 exam probably ahven’t registered or start studying for it. the fact that you already HAVE the books in front of you for the December exam you can start right away and it’s more than sufficient time to pass the exam.

And if you don’t think it’s sufficent time, it’s because you are not studying HARD enough, there is no rule that you need to have 6 months of undivided attention in order to pass the exam.

Check again with your dedication before registering for the exam.

Heads: you win.

Tails: you tie.

Are you looking for better odds?

^I agree with S2000. If you’re determined to take it again, then you might as well take it again in December. If you pass, then great! If you fail, then you haven’t really lost much (except the exam fee).

I beg to differ.

You lost your ego and reputation.

Imagine if you work for a big company and everyone passed but you. Hate that feeling especially kids asking whether you “pass” or not.

I presumed that he’d be studying like mad over the Fall.

Ego and reputation are overrated. wink

In this case, if this person already failed once, what’s the marginal cost of failing a 2nd time? Big or small? Just added incentive to pass!