Failed Band 9 !!!

Failed !!!

Band 9 …

Alternatives/Eq/FRA >70

Derivs/Eco/Ethics/PM >50

Corp finance/FI/QI < 50

Beat this guys…i left both sets of Corp finance coz i dint have time ….had i completed the paper i would have passed !!!

Cant stop cursing myself !!!

Looking at the results …feeling pathetic !!! have seen many people scoring in the mid range for EQ and FRA and still passing…

sorry to hear. I bet the Corporate Finance did you in as the QI and FI were only one item set each. Judging from other passing scores it looks like you may be only three or four questions from passing. At least on the bright side, you shouldn’t have a problem passing in 2014 as long as you take practice tests focusing on your timing.

Band 9 here too.

Derivatives and Econ <=50

Ethics, FRA, FI, PM and Quant 51-70

Equity, Alts, Corp Fin >70

Over 300 hours of study. About 450 actually. CFA materials only. Started in Oct all the way through May. Lost a friend along the way and we’re just now rebuilding our friendship. Scoring 65-70 in mocks. Did all EOC twice as well as a specific accounting workbook. Failed Level 1 twice before I beat it.

I’m down but not out. I still think it’s worth it and I plan to crush it come June 2014. Congrats to all who passed and good luck to those coming back for more next year!

It doesn’t matter if you fail on band 9 or band 1, the truth is, when next June comes around you will have to re-visit EVERYTHING!

It’s better to think that you failed with band 1 so you don’t overestimate your ability for next year’s exam, IMHO.

If you think you’re “close” and you only need marginal effort to pass, you are likely to fail again next year on a false impression that you know more than you do.

Cheer up and really think about it before re-register!

Enjoy the summer,