FAILED. Buy or not to buy new books??

Ok, finally I failed Level 1. Now, after 3 hours checking other people results, my eyes only see * - -, -*-, --* everywhere. I look at. Time to move on. First thing to plan for June: “should I buy the new Schweser?” I want to study again with the old edition because I´ve got plenty of notes and because after 5 months together I can´t just dump them… How much change there´s in the new edition? Accordinf to Schweser ( “over 40% of the LOS the 2008 Exam are either completely new (100+) or have been reworded to varying degrees (100+), Furthermore, 14 new readings have been added, and 13 have been dropped.” LOS dropped from 2007: 82, LOS added in 2008: 100+, LOS re-worded in 2008: 100+ The rewording doens´t worry me very much, but the new ones yes. Anyone has done a clear tracking of the new LOS and dropped LOS? Any advise from people who had to resit in this situation? I have access to the new edition of Sweser, so a index of differences should be enough, isn´t it? WHat do you think?

You should definitely not buy new Schweser, but buying new Stalla might be a possibility. The more sources you have for learning these things, the more likelihood that one of the sources is going to present it in a way that works for you. You already have a nearly current Schweser. Stalla is a fine product as well (and what I used for all levels). Maybe you should try that.

I would not buy any new material since when you registered the CFAI will provide you with study guides. So I’d only compare the guides and Schweser and cover the new material from the CFA Readings.

You’re going to get new books from CFAI when you pay $700 to retake the bloody thing. Use the new books along with your old stuff. No reason to buy new stalla/schweser.

As for me I would probably check for changes in curriculum and use both old Schweser and new Curriculum together to study.

Don’t buy. I just passed today using 2006 study material. I had failed in Jun 06 & Dec 07, so decided to go for it in Dec 08 using the same Schweser study books. All I did was buy the Schweser Q-Bank for Dec 08 to compare differences in curriculums (curriculi?) and help me out on my studying.

Out of curiousty, why do you think you failed ? Lack of study time? Schweser books inefficient?

anyone else that’s re-taking the exam have any input? i’m leaning towards using my 07 schweser notes and supplementing those with the CFAI textbooks.

FYI me and a couple mates are currently documenting the syllabus changes… we will be done shortly… we’ll keep the AF posted, in case anyones interested…

Bluey: I’m using Schweser 2007 for June 08. Did you get a chance to finish/post the syllabus changes?? It would be very helpful. Thanks.

cfaatsb - sorry for the delay. We should be ready to print the guide soon (we noted a few significant changes). Depending on demand, we may print around 50 initially and post them out. I’ll keep you guys posted. Bluey.

Hi Bluey, Could you also please add me to your distribution list for the changes to 2008 June exam…thanks.

hi Bluey 1.8T did you hear about this link and about this guy that did kind the same job as you are doing ? I was just wondering if you feel that your findings are consistent with this guy’s job ? I think everyone would like to know. Thanks for your time :wink:

Please advise… Thanks

2008 curriculum has changed from 2007. Economics does not have International Econ (save some time). Financial portion has changed added some deleted some. No leverage in corporate finance. Ethics – no change Quant – no more regression econ - no intl trade FSa - added some , discarded some corporate – no leverage, Equity – shuffled around Derivateive - No change Fixed assets - No change Alt. Inv – Nochange Portfolio – No change Please compare last year and this year course work, and get new study material. Good luck – Sreeni

Hi Sreeni, Thanks for listing the change/no change which is very helpful for people like me who are re-taking the exam. Could you be more kind to discuss further on the changes in FSA section? this is the part i struggle the most and have noticed quite a bit of changes in the CFA book. Many thanks in advance for your help! L

Look at the site - FSA has changed a LOT between 2007 and 2008, so has Corp Fin.

Yes, I verified Sachdeva has published the differences accurately.

Hi, i’ve seen that guys website… i’ll be going into more depth in that i’m noting the actual LOS’s, but yes, the structure is the same…

Tha’ll be great and please keep us posted.