Failed CFA Level III

Hi all,

I am looking for guidance on L3 quants. I have failed L3 exam for the 3rd time. As you can see from the screenshot below, I did pretty bad in quants. I have been focusing on CFAI material including end of chapter problems as well as online questions. I also did 4 past exams as well as institute mock exam. My struggle has always been morning essay section as in none of the 3 exams, I came out confident that I nailed the morning section.

I would greatly appreciate if you can provide me some suggestions in terms of how should I approach to gain confidence on the quants. Should I look beyond the institute material? If yes, which course provider you would recommend, considering there are only 6 months before Feb 2023 exam?

Thank you so much!


Hi Blue,

I just replied to another post and somebody left me a private message. Look at my username and I’ve been on these boards foreeeeevvveerrrrrr. I failed toooo many times.

Reach out to Deep 3 Prep. His name is Gurmeet. He only works with re-takers and give you attention. He chatted with me for an hour explaining my issues before signing up. You can connect with me after as well. Last year after talking to him, he gave me students from his class to chat with.

He works with the official curriculum but it’s so good and organized. It’s totally different but it makes sense. Go talk to him. The times I failed is on my hand. I told another poster, I didn’t even tell my family about results day. I cried and cried and cried.

Good luck.

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I’ve done a lot of tutoring of Level III candidates, and I offer mock exams with clear, accurate guideline answers (including short answers: the minimum you need to write to get full marks), as well as my Survivor’s Guide to the CFA Institute Command Words.

Any or all of those should help.

Shoot me a PM if you’re interested.

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Hi S2000magician,

I am interested to know more about your program. Could you please share your email address?

Thank you,

Let me know when he replies. The same four courses that worry you are also hindering me

I take both Deep 3 and Bill (S2000). Bill is so nice and help me very kindly. Very smart and he know so much.

I took Deep 3 but late and it was fast course over 2-3 months. I wish I knew before about course and take for 7 months. I think it hard to fail with Deep 3. If re-taker, go talk to him. You pass.

Both so nice. Good luck