Failed first attempt (band 8), when to begin studying?

Could you please advice me on when to begin studying again for the 2016 exam?


I am in the same boat as you. Band 7 fail. Looking for replies here.

I started in last Dec and got band 9, but I guess you will do better in 2nd try since you’re more familiar with the topics.

My answer is as soon as humanly possible. However, first give yourself time to get over this setback say 1 or 2 months. … go out relax then start; but if you feel psychologically and emotionally prepared start immediately to enable you know much more of the material and do A LOT OF MOCKS, PRACTICE TESTS AND PAST QUESTIONS. This is what I did in a previous life and it worked.

As above

try to write your AM answers and compare when the papers come out?

I personally disagree with the above… starting as soon as possible would be aimless and counterproductive… and you’ll become so tired and bored by the time April comes around, you’ll stop being productive at the time you need to be most productive…

I think the best thing to do, is get all the materials ready as soon as possible… figure out in your head, what areas you need to work on and have plan in place of how you will pass this exam…

Then, enjoy the rest of the year, see all your friends and family… don’t even think about the exam…

Once january hits, go full steam… go through all the books, all your notes, and keep doing EOC questions… re-familiarise yourself with everything… hopefully by the end of march, that will be done… You’re got band 8, so I imagine you know the material fairly well already…

April and May - focus totally on exams and recapping material… Go through a CFAI AM exam every week… doing all the exams from 2007 to 2015…

… aim to review all sessons once by end of dec … so if it takes you two months, start in Nov 1st. That way you got whole half of next year to review/practice etc.

Very helpful. Thanks to all. I decided I will start in December.

I failed my first attempt as well- Band 7. I did my best but had some medical issues a month prior the exam. I don/t know when should I start studying again as I am expecting new baby on December and will be definately busy being mom of 3 kids… Feeling confused… any suggessions?? thanks

I have kids too…I started yesterday…for a couple hours in a casual way.

Do not exhaust yourself. Band 7 or 8 means you know the material okay and needs some alignment. I would suggest light reading from January and ramp it up from March onwards. April/May should be questions/exams. Get as many quewstions as you can do. Try to take 10 full exams. Schweser Qbank puzzles where you can mix and match 5-10 topics comes really handy to check concepts. There are some 2700+ questions and for you it should be managable to go through them plus CFA blue box, past 4 papers, schweser 6 exams. Good luck

Passed this year after B10/B9. Obviously it’s different for everyone, but I believe that ramping up on your studies is the best way to approach LIII. I leisurely flipped through the materials in February/March to reacquaint myself, but I didn’t hit the books hard until mid-April. I took the last two weeks off before the exam, something I’ve never done, and I think that was the difference maker. The CFA exams are all about peaking at the right time and those last few weeks are vital to connecting all of the dots.

Maybe my memory isn’t as good as everyone else’s, but there’s no way I can remember material that I read 8 months ago.


Start whenever you and your surroundings (spouse/husband/wife/children) are ready to see yourself less and less being around them.

^^ agree

Have to respectfully disagree with some posts. Each exam I started studying in October. Read through the material twice before I did a final review. If you have trouble remembering things do a mini review of each topic every time you finish a book. Helps keep things fresh.