failed first mock at 66%

Yikes. Some of thems were tricky. This was on the $40 30 question Sample One. Got 67% in Ethics and Portfolio Management. They dont tell you how you scored if you got over 70 I guess in the other topics. Nice little wake up call. Need to keep on pushing to the end!

i would take 60% right now, so kudos for 66% still plenty of time to tighten up in certain areas

66% maybe enough to pass

lol wait til you see the second sample exam…its amazing how cfa can present something u have studied in the past 6 months and ask something in such a way that leaves u unsure if the answer is A or B…66 is pretty solid in my view

I struggled the most with the essay practice, seems so much easier when reviewing the answers than when asked to actually write it, even if you can pretty much use fragmented sentences.

skipp you should make clear you are referring to tjhe sample exams

Every year I have taken the samples I fail around 65%, maybe even 60%. I have found samples to be the hardest (over mocks) of all the prep, at least for me.

66%. They’re all going to laugh at you!!

right the sample, should not have used that term Mock. CFA says use the samples before the Mock