Failed L3 twice-new strat?

i failed L3 twice with last session in Feb 24. Crazy painful. I cannot sit for August.
I read all the reason why people failed…

I use Schweser books and I did EOC from the CFA curriculum and I did 6/7 Mock Exams from Schweser+the official one.
I tried also MM but not a fan of these videos-only for me speaking -and mock exams are crazy too tough and I lost time running those.

I failed without being very close to the MPS and I would consider to sit again but I really need to have another strat to avoid the same huge pain to fail again.

With reading schweser+ EOC from the CFA curriculum +all practice with 6/7 Mock Exams and study planner well established I thought my plan was good despite the lack of time (with kids and intense job)

Any thoughts?

++ i also need advice